Writing a diary entry gcse results

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Writing a diary or journal

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Writing to describe

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By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Writing a diary or journal. Most assignments which ask you to write entries in a diary or journal will ask you to write imaginatively.

This means that you write as a character and you write a. She began each diary entry by writing 'Dear Kitty.' In the novel, The Color Purple, the protagonist writes letters to God, and this collection of letters serve as a sort of diary for her.

Genre - writing a story, describing a scene, a diary entry A udience - could be anyone P urpose - to describe, to get a vivid picture in the readers' head so they almost feel like they are there. I am writing a diary entry for an English exam and was wondering if there are any good tips I could use when writing it.

Thanks! An entry that combines the answer to both your questions might be Bought bottle of millk, two yoghurts and a tub of butter today. Gareth Giles, 16, kicks off the exam season with a diary entry on his preparations for the 11 GCSEs he is taking this year.

I have exams in 10 weeks, and although everyone is suggesting to me I ought to be revising an hour each night, it's hard to concentrate with all the coursework I still have to finish looking over my shoulder.

Writing a diary entry gcse results
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