Sims 3 writing a masterpiece

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Sims 3: How do you paint masterpieces?

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The Sims 3 Writing Books: Learn How to Become a Writer in the Sims 3

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Yes, it is possible to write a masterpiece. My Sim has done this a couple of times. Jan 20,  · -Movie made with the sims 3 World Adventures.

All that hard work and when its done *poof* gone. -Movie made with the sims 3 World Adventures The Sims 3: Creating a masterpiece Slapie Jun 29,  · If you write a masterpiece a week, you can easily have weekly income cycles 40 to 50 k a week in time, maybe more.

Writing books is the most lucrative moneymaker I know of in sims 3. It's also gives you a ton of lifetime reward points, probably more than anything else you can do in sims Resolved. My Sims need to paint 5 Masterpieces for the Aspirations goal, (both are lvl 10 painting skill mastered) but now they arent painting any Masterpieces at all I have them both very Inspired, and they both stopped painting masterpieces.

In the base game, Sims that have mastered Writing are able to write twice as fast as those that have not.

In keeping with this, I have bumped the PPM bonus for masters of Writing up from to The Writing skill is a skill career, so your sims can register as a Self-Employed writers, earning special rewards for selling their work. It starts out with the options to Practice Writing, start Fiction Novel and start Non-Fiction Novel.

Sims 3 writing a masterpiece
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