Shogun 2 multiplayer matchmaking

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This is a guide I made a few months to help newer players get into the multiplayer part of Shogun 2 using vanilla (Shogun 2/ROTS) units. I will be probably updating it to add the newer units and more info. Shogun 2's multiplayer matchmade is ridiculous. Not saying Shogun 2 isn;t a good game, it's fantastic, it's just, the matchmade system, well, it's ****.

With a relatively small player base, the matchmaking system is probably forced to pit two platers of differing skill levels against each other. If they created a system in which players. I've tried a couple of battles in Shogun 2 multiplayer, where you choose a province and fight against another player with a fixed budget for your army, starting at koku.

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There is probably a compatibility issue regarding the multiplayer (many people have this issue) that impredes the matchmaking process. This will likely be fixed in a patch, so be sure to check in every once in a while after a patch.

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It is the sequel to Sonic& Sega All-Stars Racing and is the fourth installment of the Sega Superstars.

Shogun 2 multiplayer matchmaking
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