Millennium bug poses threats to computers worldwide

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Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence

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The bug that didn't bite

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Jan 24,  · Originally published December 24, A new ‘millenium bug’ could hit computers in Januarywipe out computers and programs that rely on outdated internal clocks. The New Millennium Well, It's Here Y2K - Glitch Hobbled Top Secret Spy Sats Y2K - Bug Hits 67 Systems Worldwide To Date Y2K - FBI Says It Moved To Thwart About 20 Threats.

This problem is generally known as the “millennium bug.” No one is quite sure exactly what will happen in a world increasingly dependent on computers. But many observers agree that it threatens to temporarily ground air transport, cause severe stock-market drops and.

That's because while traditional computers manipulate every particle of information, or "bit", as either an 0 or a 1, quantum bits or "qbits" can exist as 0, 1, and all points in between.

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That makes quantum computers millions of times more powerful than the computers that created those encryption algorithms.

At a worldwide price tag of about $ billion, wiping out the Millennium Bug could be the most costly extermination job in history, and high-tech experts are lining up to cash in on the Britain's biggest companies are still taking the threat of the Millennium Bug extremely seriously, it was claimed today.

Britain's biggest companies are still taking the threat of the Millennium.

Millennium bug poses threats to computers worldwide
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